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In 1984, our President incorporated Georgia Budget Service, a premium finance company. When the software that was purchased for Georgia Budget Service proved to be grossly inadequate, our President utilized his prior years of experience with Burroughs Corporation to develop replacement software. This venture ultimately led to the foundation of Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc., currently the largest premium finance software development company in the nation.

For more than thirty years, the staff of Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc. have provided assistance to over five hundred insurance companies, agencies, managing general agencies, and independent premium finance companies before, during, and long after they have established their premium finance companies.

In the future, Advanced Insurance Systems, Inc. and the FinanceMaster® Premium Finance Software System will continue to evolve in order to reflect the desires of its users, the pace of technology and the demands of a rapidly changing industry.


The history of financing insurance premiums dates back to the mid twentieth century when General Agents recognized it as a means to increase profits and customer service. Before long independent insurance premium finance companies came into being and soon thereafter clever independent agents recognized the financial opportunity could supplement and in most cases exceed their agency profits.

Today, with the advent of the personal computer, a handful of companies in the United States offer the means by which you can operate your own insurance premium finance company by using their turnkey premium finance software systems.

The unusually high return on investment offered by financing insurance premiums is off-set by the potential risk of diminishing collateral (the insurance policy) if your insurance premium finance company is not operated properly. Advanced Insurance Systems Inc. is well aware of the risks and has spent more than twenty years developing and enhancing its premium finance software systems to ensure your insurance premium finance company operates efficiently and minimizes risk.

Though each of our users are unique, we have programmed thousands of safeguards into our premium finance software to maximize your profits and minimize your risk. Please view the rest of our site and then call us so we may share our knowledge with you!

FinanceMaster® Testimonials:
Florence, SC

Finance Master software is very easy to use and I find it meets our needs at Banker's Premium. We are a small company but the software offers a lot of options that we can use. I would highly recommend this software to any company just beginning or one that is ready for a change. The staff has been great and prompt in helping us manage our accounts. Thanks for all you do!

Amarillo, TX

After working out all the small details, Finance Master has been my friend !!! Balances have stayed true and information being pulled into QuickBooks has also maintained.

Atlanta, GA

We appreciate your expertise and valued services to us to run this premium financing company software tools error free and pain less.

We also grateful to Art, Kris and the entire team at AIS for their continued service and support.


I have been working with Finance Master for 11 years. My experience with the program itself has been Great! Minimal problems which have always been solved within a timely matter. The staff (Kris) has continually through the years been available at a moments notice for help when needed. I recommend their program "highly" to anyone looking.

Nacogdoches, TX

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thumbs-up to Advanced Insurance Systems and the WinFM software. The software is so user friendly! It is easy to navigate and makes the whole work experience enjoyable. If questions do arise, the tech support is fantastic - no issue is too small or too trivial; you get detailed, understandable answers to your questions and concerns. I have used other premium finance software, but WinFM is the very best. I would recommend it to anyone!


My experience with Finance Master software has been a learning experience. I have found the software to be fairly easy to use. The account view and the posting of payments is very user friendly. Cannot think of anything that needs to be changed or made any easier. Thanks.

 Portsmouth, OH

I just wanted to send you a note regarding your Finance Master software that we have been using for the past year. Our corporate motto is -We Make it Easy. Your software certainly makes it easy for me to fulfill this promise to our customers. The software is user friendly and your support staff is outstanding. Thanks again for your dedication to your product.

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