Our FinanceMaster® team will train your staff

Though users of the FinanceMaster® premium finance software system state that it is user-friendly and intuitive, a new user cannot become proficient with the daily, weekly and monthly functionality of the system without proper training.

Typically, new users receive multiple training sessions of approximately forty-five minutes each.

Software setup, quoting, account entry, posting, forms and reports are the first topics to be reviewed. There is no limit to the number of training sessions we provide. There is no charge for the training sessions we provide unless we come to your office which rarely occurs because it is not needed.

  • Training By Phone
    Most of our training is conducted by phone. While we speak, we are logged onto your computer so we see what you see. In our experience, this is without doubt the most effective training method.
  • Training In Our Office
    You or any member of your staff is welcome to come to our offices in Roswell, Georgia (Just 35 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfiled Airport) for face-to-face FinanceMaster® training. We do not charge for training sessions in our office.
  • Training In Your Office
    Though rarely needed, we offer on-site training at your office. Typically our stay will range from one to two days. This training method is particularly productive if you have a large staff. We charge for travel expenses plus a daily fee.
  • Training Videos
    We have a library of Videos on a wide range of topics from how to generate a quote using the agent web portal to how to complete the End of Month Procedure.
  • On Your Own
    When using FinanceMaster® for the first time, we encourage our clients to enter quotes and accounts and practice with the data as if it was in real time. Then, using a secure management option, the practice activity can be deleted.